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A Candid Look at Unread's First Year 


To my knowledge, indie developers don’t publish the kind of numbers that you’ll find in this post. My sales records are none of your business, as the saying quite literally goes. The question in your mind will no doubt be why am I writing this at all? It’s a fair question. Before I answer it,…

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Is the web doing better? I think so… in the end, even the nicest garden will suffer from being ‘immune’ from the rest of the world. Webdiversity is the only cure to this.

The two are vocal advocates of the Open Web movement, which is a geeky revolt against the closed, advertising-heavy social media services that increasingly dominate the online world.
Same thing with RSS. The power of RSS is that everyone uses it to move news around. Abrams’ startup wouldn’t work without RSS, any more than my car will work without gasoline. He should be singing its praises and helping it work better, not picking fights. #
Documenting the Open Reader API
The federated web generally works with these two patterns as well. Most interactions between servers occur as conventional request-response HTTP, and HTTP callbacks (aka Webhooks) are often used in a publish-subscribe fashion for realtime updates. Even though browsers are dynamic entities that must reach out to publishers in order to be able to receive anything, the publish-subscribe pattern is still applicable.
You’ll see that the connection is then hanging. You can easily update the feed by filling this form and you should see the new entry appear in your shell.
PubSubHubbub is used to determine when new or updated content is available in the feed. If your content management system does not support PubSubHubbub, you can use services such as Superfeedr that can PubSubHubbub-enable your feeds.
One of the small surprises to me in the Yosemite update is that Safari supports RSS again.
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